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18104 Dentist

Dentist in 18104

If your toothache could speak, what do you think it would say? Perhaps you’d hear the request, “Take me to your expert Allentown, PA 18104 dentist over at Kenney Dental!” Seeking treatment from an experienced professional is the best, right thing to do, and it’s no wonder if your toothache pain is clamoring for the help of Dr. Justin Kenney and his warm and caring team. With an established reputation for excellence, and making some of the most sophisticated treatment options available, your toothache pain will end at the Kenney Dental state-of-the-art facility.

18104 Dentist

While you may not know exactly what happened to cause the toothache, we know at Kenney Dental exactly what we do for our patients. Whether you’ve been suffering from dental decay, require root canal therapy, or urgent dental care in case of an accident and injury, your 18104 dentist at Kenney Dental and the caring professional staff provide a comprehensive array of dental services to get your oral health back on track with their gentle and highly skilled touch; they even provide sedation in the form of nitrous oxide or sedatives for patients who may experience dental anxiety. Getting in to see your Allentown, PA 18104 dentist is a must if you’ve been suffering from dental pain and the dedicated team at Kenney Dental will prioritize your call, doing everything possible to treat you as immediately as possible.

The thing about toothaches, whatever their root cause, they nag at us, begging for relief. Although cavities are the most common source, infection, compacted teeth, sinus and ear infections are also possibilities, so it’s best to see your exceptional Allentown PA, 18104 dentist as soon as possible. For a really talented dentist in your area, call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Justin Kenney at Kenney Dental.


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