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Allentown Family Dentist

Family Dentist in Allentown

When it comes to finding an Allentown family dentist, you’re going to want to go with the dentist with an established reputation for excellence. At Kenney Dental, their expert dentist provides the best in quality dental services, ranging from preventive and restorative care, to emergency and cosmetic treatments, even the state-of-the-art in dental implants and bone grafting for patients seeking to replace lost teeth. With a warmly, enthusiastic staff, Kenney Dental your Allentown family dentist office welcomes patients of all ages to their kid-friendly and comfortable practice.

Allentown Family Dentist

At Kenney Dental, your Allentown family dentist loves kids—he has two of his own—and knows just how important it is to keep them at ease during their visit. Emphasizing preventive care for his patients, pediatric patients are encouraged to make regular biannual visits for cleanings and checkups. By routinely monitoring the development and health of your children’s teeth, gums and jaws, Dr. Kenney can spot and address any dental issues that arise early on, when they’re the easiest to treat. Providing dental sealants and periodic fluoride treatments for an extra layer of defense against dental decay, your Allentown family dentist follows the lead of the American Dental Association in providing safe and effective care. For adult patients, preventive care is stressed as well, and making sure your gums are healthy is an important aspect of regular care. Helping to prevent the buildup of plaque—the root cause for the development of dental decay and gum disease—you and your dentist can work together to get your oral health on the right track.

If you and your children are in need of an exceptional Allentown family dentist, look no further than Kenney Dental. Providing the utmost quality in dental care to the Allentown and surrounding areas, call their office to schedule an appointment today.


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