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18104 dental office

Are you looking for a 18104 dental office?

Do you feel a hint of anxiety when it’s time to visit the dentist? Okay, more than just a hint? Avoiding the dentist altogether is never a good idea. But finding an Allentown, PA 18104 dental office that offers a comprehensive range of services as well as the option for sedation is an excellent game plan! That way, whether you’re due for preventive, restorative, emergency or cosmetic care, your dentist can help keep you be completely at ease for your treatment. At Kenney Dental, their talented dentist has a dynamic background and is trained in the foremost treatment modalities. With a dedication and enthusiasm for providing exceptional quality oral care, make Dr. Justin Kenney your choice for your oral care needs.

18104 dental office

Did you know that as many as fifteen percent of adults across the nation avoid seeking out the dental care they need because of misconceptions and fears about their treatment? The truth is, there’s no need to avoid dental treatment when you go to a gentle and compassionate dentist who provides sedation options. Dr. Kenney is gentle and diligent, and a highly skilled, experienced dentist, offering nitrous oxide or oral sedation for those of us a touch of dental phobia or anxiety. Nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” is highly effective for soothing your nerves during treatment, and acts almost immediately. As a conscious form of sedation, while you will be awake, you’ll feel calm and peaceful throughout your treatment. Oral sedatives may also be offered at your Allentown, PA 18104 dental office, typically prescribed before your appointment and taken a few hours prior to your visit. Having an escort to help you safely travel to and from your appointment should be planned for.


You can rest assured that Dr. Kenney has your overall health in mind, always meticulously monitoring and supervising sedation for your safety. At your Allentown, PA 18104 dental office, your dentist understands that patients who are relaxed during their treatment are more likely to make and keep regular appointments for preventive care. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kenney, give Kenney Dental a call today!


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